Anger Management at Litcrawl

When I first got the idea for Anger Management and Revenge reading series,  I was knotted up with anger like a fist. My sister, had given seven years of her life to a man (can you call him that?) who basically spat in her face at the end. I love my sister more than anything, and it was so hard to see someone treat her that way, laughing at all the hardship she went through. It’s so fresh, I still can’t talk eloquently about it. Still, it’s not like me to be a rebel without a cause. I can’t just be angry and do nothing. So, I decided to help my sister in the only way I knew how. My words. And the words of others. At the time, Paul Corman-Roberts, who had been intimately connected with Cherry Bleeds, the Bay Area’s oldest transgressive literary magazine, found himself with a venue and no show. I called him and pitched my idea of the Anger Management and Revenge Reading Series. The idea was that we would get a bunch of people together to read their angry shit, and we would get a few donations here and there to support a cause. The initial idea was a grass roots campaign that could show that anger could be useful; that the only way we could take power over our anger was to DO SOMETHING. The first event went to help pay my sister’s attorney fees. The second show went to help COVA, a musically-based school for children, and the third went to our lovely venue, the Kaleidoscope Free Speech zone, a haven for those who want to speak their minds while drinking wine. Amazingly, with so much support from the public (including wonderful write-ups in the Chronicle by Evan Karp, a social and literary genius) Anger Management has seen four highly successful shows. The next show, Hostile Takeover, will happen in January. Last night, we were privileged to be included in Litquake’s Litcrawl event! We ranted to a full house downstairs in the Elbo Room on Valencia in the Mission. The crowd was simply amazing! I have never heard a quieter bar! When our readers were strutting their stuff on the stage, even the bartenders were quiet. I was amazed! We started off our set with JDX, a fabulous fat femme fatale, who had the crowd in stitches with her rant against infantile ex-boyfriends. Then, Amy Glasenapp read a story that made us all think differently of tree-hugging.  PCR charmed the crowd with his Bukowski-esque “They Call Me Mister.” I read a little something and then was followed by the amazing Nic Alea (who sings!), and Charlie Getter rounded out the show with his powerful poetic crowd control. It was pretty awesome!! VIP guests at our show were Tony DuShane, author of Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk , a HILARIOUS read; Andrew Paul Nelson, a favorite of American Street Showcase, and Jess Silva;  and Johnny Hernandez, author of U. Evan Karp couldn’t attend because he was busy with his own show (Quiet Lightning at Gestalt) packed as usual. . . Our wonderful Volunteer, Miri, was terrific in making sure we had space and terrific AV equipment and our venue host, Matt of Elbo Room, was phenomenal.  Following the reading, I was privileged to dine at Delfina with Johnny Hernandez, Holly Boston and Todd Salerno before hitting the after party at Viracocha where Andrew Paul Nelson was at the mike and Paul Corman-Roberts and Charlie Getter were in the queue. All in all, an amazing night with great talent!

As I was trolling the Interwebs for more about Anger Management and Litcrawl, I found the following words recommending the AM show as a first pick for Litcrawl’s Phase II:

Anger Management and Revenge | Elbo Room, downstairs » Nic Alea. Paul Corman-Roberts. Charlie Getter. Amy Glasenapp. H.K. Rainey. Jezebel Delilah X. Here’s another one of their shows. This is one of the best collections of talent in the whole Crawl.

Nice! Thanks, Evan! I also saw Stephanie Vernier at the Instant City reading at Dalva and Roger Porter at Quiet Lightning at Gestalt (where I also ran into Anger Management alum Alia Volz) before heading over to the AM show. All in all, I can’t imagine a better time with better folks! Thanks for all your support! Be sure to join our group on Facebook so that when we open the submission period for our January show, you’ll know when to submit! See you then!


~ by ImaginaryCanary on October 10, 2010.

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