Sometimes, staring at a blank screen in wordpress is more intimidating to me than the blank page at the start of writing a novel. I’ve been away from blogging since last year! Granted it was “only” November, but to the seasoned blogger, it might as well have been a year. It’s not that I’m not serious about blogging, it’s just that I’m serious about every other thing I do. I have to distribute my passion evenly, and with my job being as emotionally demanding as it is, I have been displaying more passion there than anywhere else.  But, tomorrow, it’s finally here! My first community education creative writing class! I have my first lesson planned, but I’m still nervous about whether or not anyone is going to come and whether or not things are going to go smoothly. I feel excited about all the things I can do if I get a chance to rocket this class into success. I haven’t had many email responses regarding the class even though I’ve put up posters and the like. Most of my interest has been through word of mouth,but I won’t know who’s planning to show up until tomorrow when I’m standing in the front of the class. Wish me luck!


~ by ImaginaryCanary on February 7, 2013.

2 Responses to “Tomorrow!”

  1. So… How’d it go?

    • It went well! The class tonight didn’t have many show up from the original class, but we had a very productive meeting, I thought. I’m still not sure if people in this area are interested enough in anything writerly. I’m kind of like a fish out of water here. But I’m going to give it my best try and see. All I can expect from myself is my best. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

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