Obama, Don’t Take My Gun!!

Here’s a copy of the Smith & Wesson Newsletter I regularly receive in my email:

Contact your elected officials now!

Smith & Wesson is an American company with a 160-year history that is woven into the fabric of this great nation. We are proud to employ more than 1,600 people who manufacture our products right here in America. We are a strong and proud supporter of the U.S. Constitution and its amendments, particularly the Second Amendment and the rights that it affords U.S. citizens. We support a comprehensive approach to preventing violence in our communities and a thorough evaluation of the challenges we face. However, like you, we do not support an erosion of fundamental rights in the process.

If you share this view, join with us and our law-abiding customers as we stand up and make our voices heard. This issue affects each of us, so please do not delay in letting your elected officials know that you value your rights, and they should as well.

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Please click on one of the buttons or links for an easy way to tell your elected officials that you care about the right to keep and bear arms. The Take Action Now! button allows you to send a prepared email letter quickly and easily. The Find Your Representatives button has detailed contact information for each of your legislators so, if you prefer, you can call them or write a personal letter.

Help Others Generate Support: Forward the link to your friends and ask them to register their support and send letters as well. Click here to email this web page to your friends.

Please take action now.

And here is my response to it:

Dear Smith and Wesson:

Would you relax? No one is taking away anyone’s right to bear arms. I love my firearm. I enjoy having the right to carry it. But, seriously. A ban on automatic assault weapons (which are unnecessary to the average American) is not a ban on all weapons. Requiring people to prove that they are responsible citizens before they are allowed a firearm is not a bad idea. Requiring special hoops for law-abiding gun collectors to go through is not persecution. Updating the database of gun owners and making the information therein more effective to use and access for violence prevention is not an assault on America’s second amendment rights. Why don’t you just stop freaking out and admit that you are worried about how not being able to sell automatic assault weapons will affect your bottom line? Why not just tell the truth that you feel worried your company might lose a little money in the process of making America safer from people who shouldn’t own guns? Quit trying to make everyone freak out about the non-issue of regulation…WHICH even the NRA itself supported in the late 1990’s! Become a part of the national conversation and stop trying to make this common-sense regulation a national debate. Seriously. Enough is enough.

Best Regards,

Heather K. Rainey
Proud Gun Owner and Political Moderate

I love my gun. I really do. I enjoy firing it. I like its heft. I like the way it feels in my hand. And I appreciate my right to carry it. But what’s the deal with so many people freaking out and thinking that just because the government wants to put some limits on what is acceptable that you are no longer going to have the right to own a gun? Obama has said that he’s not taking your guns. So stop freaking out. Everyone needs boundaries and limits. Parents do that for their children (if they’re any good) and the law does that for the rest of us. So really, stop losing your head over this. And if you don’t like the law, EVERYONE, stop committing crimes. But we all know…THAT’S not possible.


~ by ImaginaryCanary on February 13, 2013.

One Response to “Obama, Don’t Take My Gun!!”

  1. Wow… It’s surprising to see another sensible person in this argument. As someone who doesn’t own a gun, I agree with you 100%. It annoys me whenever I see someone take the extreme view that registering means that their gun will be taken away. I think most of the people that are up in arms about the whole thing probably don’t have any real business owning one anyway.

    I haven’t read any of the proposed legislation or anything, but I also find it annoying whenever people start trying to say Obama is a hypocrite because the secret service uses guns to protect him. I’d like to think that whatever laws are passed would not apply to the same degree to policemen, secret service agents, FBI agents, the military, etc. I don’t think it’s right to compare someone with a badge to the average tobacco-chewing gun owner.

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