Making Progress

For a while now, I’ve been doing freelance work. The freelance life comes down to making money, and so I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time to it recently. Then, of course, with the move and the new teaching job looming, I’ve been putting my writing aside, even though it’s the one thing that truly makes me happy. Happiness doesn’t pay the bills, yo! But, today, even with the need to do stuff for which I will get paid is clearly rising like Godzilla out of the sea, I sat down to write in the book, because I NEED to and because it’s been so long, it feels like I haven’t even been myself. Today, I am pleased to report that I penned eleven pages and two chapters for the book, and did a few corrections that focusing more on a minor character in this book than in the first one inevitably causes to happen. So, the novel gets closer to its completion date, and I’m glad that I haven’t released the first novel yet, since I ended up having to do some changes to a very small plot line from the first book. Anyway, I’m happy with my work and proud of myself, even though my shoulder is killing me, I haven’t done any paid work today, and I haven’t yet been on the treadmill. Yowza!


~ by ImaginaryCanary on August 10, 2014.

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