Published Work


“Along Comes Something: Mapping Motion in Selections from Lyn Hejinian’s Happily”

Jacket 37, Spring 2009:

“Ocean Views”

deadpaper, Vol. 3 No. 1, Spring 2009:

“Sotto Voce”

Bang Out, Volume III, Spring 2009:


Full of Crow, Quarterly Fiction: July, 2011.

“Self-Portrait as an Atlas”, “My Father’s Affair” and “Unsayings”

Rusty Truck Magazine,  ed. Scot Young; February 2011:

“Two Poems from Incantations Against Oblivion”

Corium Magazine, ed. Lauren Becker; March 2011:

“Up Rising: Rena Rosenwasser’s Elevators”

Full of Crow Press, ed. Lynn Alexander; January 2012:

Adirondack Review,











Poems by H.K. Rainey

January, 2011











“Tour of Duty”

Ed. Sean Labrador Y Manzano


“To My Daughter, Asleep in Her Crib”, “Verse After Hokushi’s Deathbed”, and “Sayonara”

Word Trips: Poems from the First Coast, Hidden Owl Books, 2007:

“Roots,” “Escaping from the Tornado” and “This Is Not My Music”

So Speak Up! Oakland, CA, 2010 (Limited Printing Edition)

“A Guide to Planting in Season”

Sand Canyon Review, Fall 2009.

“The Diver”

sPARKLE & bLINK, Issue 9, November 2010. Ed. Evan Karp and Rajshree Chuahan

“Old Woman, Weaving”

Cider Press Review, Volume 12, 2011. Ed. Caron Andregg


double jointed

a project conceived and produced by Kiala Givehand:

sotto voce (live performance)

with Sebastian Plano (cellist):

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Bang Out SF

Acker’s Dangerous Daughters

Works in Progress

Quiet Lightning (at Booksmith, November 2010)


Bitchez Brew

“Lyrics and Dirges”.
Pegasus Books, Berkeley, California.


580 Split (2008-2010)

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